What is an incubator and why should I use it?

An incubator is an artificial method of hatching eggs its mimic the conditions and experiences of a brooding chicken including appropriate temperature, humidity, and ventilation levels for the first 18 days after that it will go to the hatchery to stay there for the last 3 days waiting to get hatched.
Incubators can hatch more eggs at a time than the chicken. If you let the chicken hatch eggs, then she will stop laying eggs for a time, This means that you are losing many potential chicks that you could’ve hatched in our incubator, If you continue removing eggs from the chicken nest then she will continue laying eggs that you can hatch in our incubator. A chicken can hatch about 30 chicks per year, If you use our incubator to hatch eggs with the same chicken, you can get up to 300 chicks per year from the same chicken! That’s mean the efficiency will increase to 1000%!